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For 9 years, I have been the sole manager here, on MotoMundo. net, where I usually post MotoGP and WSBK races. Some of you have probably already visited and/or missed updates in recent weeks. And it is to keep this site up and running, that I come to ASK FOR HELP.

I don’t come to ask for donations or money. I come to ask for insight, directions and TECHNICAL HELP: Where to HOST VIDEOS, in the long term, without the DMCA being overturned?*

In the last few weeks, Dorna managed to take down the Russian servers where I hosted the videos (OK . ru and VK) and the most painful: ARCHIVE . ORG.

On this last server, the files (mainly the 500cc seasons and MotoGP years 1990-2010) had been standing for 5 years, without Dorna requesting their removal.

(Here are some screenshots of their DMCA notices —

The site has no advertisements (and I prefer it that way), it has remained afloat these years through donations only for domain renewals and wordpress hosting.

The amount raised would not be able to cover the bandwidth of all files (approximately 5tb between Qualify and Races) from 1992 to 2023 onwards.

Therefore, I ask for tips on hosting these races, if possible at a low cost and as long as possible. It is difficult to upload and embed the video at each stage of the race for each time Dorna/DMCA takes down these videos.

Please leave your idea in the comments

I appreciate your help.

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  1. I send you an email please reply

  2. In darkweb ??

    1. wherever possible and accessible for the majority to watch.

  3. IPFS (InterPlanetary File System)?

  4. I have about 400GB to spare on a personal HDD and reasonable upload if you need to temporarily store some relevant data, respond if this is of any help.

    Also, I know ideally you’d want to keep high quality, but 1080p 60fps high bitrate videos take a lot of space, even 720p of similar bitrate takes half of the space of a 1080p video. Even slightly reducing bitrate can gain you a lot of space.

  5. I´ve got no knowlege of these subjects but just wanted you to know that I most apreciate this website and I have to thank you for keeping this available, it´s been my salvation for quite some years already also. Best of luck finding those servers.

    1. Thanks for the support, friend!

    • Joseba Zubiaurre em 04/10/2023 às 15:20
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