[DOC] A Decade in MotoGP: 2002-2012 – Watch Online / Download

Since the 500cc class gave way to MotoGP in 2001, there were some spectacular races and events in the premier class that marked each season.

This documentary explores each of them, season by season, the main events that were important for the 10 MotoGP Worlds that shaped this decade. In addition to the emergence of great drivers: Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Stoner, Hayden, etc.


“A Decade in MotoGP” relives the epic moments that will remain forever in the memory of fans, such as: Rossi and Stoner at Laguna Seca (2008), Hayden going to tears in Valencia (2006), the frantic battle of Catalunya (2009), Simoncelli’s sad accident in Sepang (2011), among many others.

The documentary also includes a “bonus” with the most impressive collisions of the decade.

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