[DOCs] SHEENE [2023]

Barry Sheene, subject of an authoritative and emotionally piercing new BT Sport documentary, was a brilliant and transcendent motorcycle rider 50 years ahead of his time.

In an age of rolling digital content and the proliferation of all-access, behind-the-scenes docuseries, sports fans are wise to rarely seen off-field moments more than ever before.

Reflecting on Sheene, a masterful portrait of the legendary rider who became the face of British motorcycling in the austere 1970s, the feeling that his unbridled charisma and commercial nous would have had fly-on-the-wall documentary-makers queuing up to chart his story is inescapable.

Grand Prix motorcycling racing has changed immeasurably since the days of the two-stroke 500cc bikes in the 1970s, but the modern era of MotoGP unquestionably begins with the unmistakable Barry Sheene.


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